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What We are Looking for
Social Media Influencers
Fitness KOLs that are active in social media channels.
Brand Models
Become a brand model of Urevo, get access to all Urevo products, and more.
Cooperative Agency
Agencies that connect influencers, sites, and more.
Media Relations
Employees of media channels that are able to promote our brand to a greater extent.
What We Offer to Our Influencers
Business Opportunity
Along with securing lucrative collaboration opportunities, we also manage incoming inquiries and negotiate the best deals on your behalf. This frees up your time to focus on doing what you love -- leveraging your influence to develop brands, earning free products and monetary rewards, and engaging with your core audience.
Brand Cooperation
We offer you the exciting opportunity to connect and cooperate with many successful global brands. You will maintain full creative freedom, working with the brands and content you prefer. This allows you to always stay in control with who you want to work with.
Increased Influence
We'll help you with the content creation process, engage with your followers, and organically extend your reach. This happens while guiding and supporting you on your path to a more successful social media career, providing even more powerful collaboration opportunities for you.
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